You can reach our house by car or bus in about 20 minutes from the train station in Schwyz. The house located below the end of a private road. This road is only accessible with a key to the entrance gate and the road may be closed seasonally. Further parking spaces are located on the Ibergereggstrasse at the "Eseltritt" (footpath about 15 minutes to the house).

Public transport is in operation during the summer months. From the bus stop "Eseltritt" you can reach the house in about 15 minutes. However, there are also private transport companies for people and material transports (personal transports).

The house is located on the sun-drenched Ibergeregg area at 1280 meters above sealevel.

   Swiss Grid / CH1903

  UTM (WGS84)
  Z: 32 T, E: 479230, N: 5206434

   Gauss-Krüger (DHDN/Bessel)   
   Right: 3479299, High: 5208077                   

  Geogr. coordinates (WGS84)
  Degrees, minutes, seconds:  Lat: 47° 0' 40", Long: 8° 43' 36"    
  Degrees of decimal:  Lat: 47.01109, Lng: 8.72677