Rooms available

Payment is only possible in cash and in CHF. Cards or electronic funds are not accepted.

2x 2 bed rooms
1x 5 bed room
1x 6 bed room

1x 8 bed room
1x 12 bed room (dormitory style)
Total of 35 beds


Prices for accommodations

 Prices per person and night
Naturfreunde Club Members
up to 6 years
up to 12 years
7 to 17 years
18 years and older


Prices per person and night 
Sektion for free
Fr. 13.00
Fr. 20.00

Non-club members
up to 6 years
7 to 17 years
18 years and older

Prices per person and night

Fr. 18.00
Fr. 28.00

Private House Rental

(no other guests will be accommodated)

Fr. 500.- / schools Fr. 400.- (per night)
Fr. 600.- / schools Fr. 500.- (per night)


Club Membership



Fr.   90.-- per year
Fr.  130.-- per year



  • A custodian is present to serve you on Saturdays and Sundays (except April and November)
  • The house can also be rented during the week
  • Inquiries and reservations are always made via the reservation office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The house is equipped with a self-cooking kitchen at your disposal
  • Apon request and the possibility we also cook for you
  • Various beverages (beverages) and alcohol can be obtained from the custodian (no consumption constraint)

Additional costs


Day-stay without overnight

Barbecue package

Additional open fire

Fr. 10.- / person

Fr. 10.- / day

Fr. 20.- / fire

  Cleaning The house has to be cleaned after use.